I will sit and watch the elm trees sway, their round buds opening. The birds sing.

I’ll take out the recycling. I’ll pet the cat and feed her things. This is spring. This is spring.

I’ll contemplate the redundancy of rhyming. I’ll feed myself a boiled egg and then tea. I’ll look at growing things. Search the grey sky for a break. Do the laundry. Imagine moving.

This is spring. This is spring.

Greens of the Saffron crocus wintered over. Now daffodils come up to meet them.

I think about changing things. I’m gonna sort my clothing. This is spring. This is spring.

I’ll make a film this fall and soon I’ll get my book all done. This is spring. This is spring.

I’m gonna dance and sing.


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She gazed at the sky. Contentment, it takes away the emptiness. The blue exempts another otherness. Sound of birds sweeps the trees. Clouds leapt across the sky. The Mourning Dove cooing.

Remembering– when each object traced a trajectory back to part of a heart, and there it lingered and tore itself a home.

How to create beauty with this. The calamity of life sounding. I try to confide, be calm– operate with awareness, but everywhere is inaction. The Mourning Dove cooing, a sensation of peace so fleeting.

Impertinent impediment, where are you sustained?

Take these trappings, free me.

Give me wonder.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks to Megha Bhartiya creator of insoakedsoul for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Check out some great poetry and images to boot on that happening blog.


1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you.

3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.

4. Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

5. Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

Blogs I am nominating for the award:

Blogs I am nominating:






  1. What is one of the most exciting things that has happened to you?
  2. Who is one of your favorite authors?
  3. What advice would you give your younger self?
  4. Do you like to use the Oxford Comma?
  5. Should vampires sparkle?
  6. Are unicorns real? (If not, why?)
  7. Do fairies exist? (If not, why?)
  8. Describe the most elaborate dessert you have ever eaten.
  9. If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be?
  10. What is the most appealing shade of purple? (If you dislike purple, please explain why.)
  11. Describe your favorite sweater.


Answers to the questions I received when nominated:

1.Favourite book and its favourite quote?

I’m not entirely sure about my favorite… there are so many. I recently read “The Lost Art of Good Conversation: A Mindful Way to Enrich Life and Connect with Others” by Sakyong Mipham, which I received via bloggingforbooks (book review coming soon). This book is crammed with quotable passages. For example “By strengthening confidence in our own worthiness, we engender confidence in the worthiness of humanity itself.” (p.39) I am currently reading “Heartless” by Marissa Meyer. I’d like to share a quote during a game of croquet involving hedgehogs and flamingos, “‘It’s not who wins or Loses!” Margaret Shrieked. “It’s how one stays the same!”‘ (p120)

2.Favourite flavour ?

Sour. I like sour more than sweet. Lemons, pickles… I used to eat the green apples off of the tree as a child.

3.Favourite TV show?

I will reply with three: I liked the Peaky Blinders, the Santa Clarita Diet, and must admit that I watched all of New Girl.

4.What’s your pet-peeve?


5.Describe the most hilarious or the weirdest dream you ever had.

Flying low over the Rio Grande river near the town of Pilar. It was magical.

6.Favourite song and artist?

I am partial to Iron and Wine. Like the song “Sacred Vision.”

7.What’s your idea of an ideal vacation?

If I can learn something, make connections with some locals, or be involved in creating art, it doesn’t really matter where I am traveling. I enjoy visiting botanical gardens (or nature of any sort) and art museums. I loved Vancouver, Canada.

8.Are you the ‘forgive-forget’ type or the ‘remember-revenge’ type and why?

Forgive and forget. Life is long. What’s the point of being vengeful? It only makes you miserable.

9.When was the last time you laughed and why?

I recently was at a wedding where a building was described as a doughnut. The person next to me was like, “Actually, it’s more of a doughnut hole.” (Which was very accurate!)

10.Choose a movie title to describe yourself.

I imagine I’m in the movie Moonstruck, but actually would fit in better in that Avatar world. I’d be just fine hopping free tree to tree and riding the ikran (flying dragon creatures).

11.What is the one thing about yourself that you greatly admire?

I have a voracious mind and the capacity for compassion.



If Death Were a Spice

Is death a flavor, a spice to living? If it is a spice, it is one that comes with a sense of fear, chili perhaps. It is the spice that inspires us to do the things we want to do–before it is too late. Have the big art show. Write the novel. Sail around the world. Go to Burning Man.

I see the fear. I see the goal. Do not let the fear consume the goal. Do not let the fear consume.

If death is a spice, what does its bottle look like? Dark? Dusty, skull and bones? Or filled with light brighter than the eye can see. Angel of deliverance. Angel of deliverance. Suffering’s end.

Where do we go? My uncle died and visited my father. They talked for hours. “How are you here?” my father asked.

“I am everywhere,” my uncle replied.

He is now particles, dispersed–everything suspended in the dust that blows around the earth. Free from suffering. Free form existence.

Distracted, my eye wanders to the bubbles in the glass, levitating to their death. The short life of a bubble in a carbonated beverage.

Somewhere someone is allergic to wheat. Someone’s a gravedigger in a small town. Someone young has leukemia. Someone is dying, their particles beginning to disperse. Quickly, we must remember why we are here. Before it’s too late. Before we go somewhere, nowhere, anywhere.

I don’t mind talking about death–however, staying there may be too much for too long.

How do we keep death at bay? We sing. We dance. We create to combat its unmaking. We must make, make merry.

The star that won’t be dimmed.

What are we?

Part bone, part hair, part flesh, part soul, part laugh, part cry, part stone, part ocean, part mountain, part sky.




Take these thoughts and transform them into gold. Rumpelstiltskin them. Spin this grey day into silver. Gather weariness into a diaphanous strand of longing. Take these desires and spin a gossamer gown. From this dullness, weave a pair of wings. I’d like to wear a mask. I’d like to dance. I’d like to fly.

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she wanted somewhere to hang her hat
he was not a coat rack
she wandered around aimlessly
a thread loose here, a thread loose there
she was a voice, listening
knowing of a certain luminosity–
and the time it takes to get there
looking now and then behind the curtain
a thread loose here, a thread loose there
gathering leaves and flowers to make an offering–

via Bewildered



her hair was a knot
no one could untangle
there were passages where the sun never shone
no comb braved these tresses
there was a great and unreachable depth

the nests of song birds
the damp mosses
it was a forest
and she was proudly lost


via Daily Prompt: Puzzled



we are unaware of our profiles
caught up in the front of ourselves
shocking– when we see it
a video from childhood
a photo taken by a stranger
is that me?

is that you?
show it to me, back-lit
the curve of your nose
your chin, neck
gently, I trace the line


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to be honest, truthful, natural
to be caught off guard, but also not caught
these are the better photos, before fear sets in
what does the camera do with your soul?
no one knows
a little piece removed– a section of self caught in amber
a fly, a memory locked, impervious to distortions of time
the trembling waters still–
an image remains
siring nostalgia

via Daily Prompt: Candid


If You’re New to Watercolor…


This is for anyone who is new to watercolor painting. You may feel as though there is a struggle when you expected it to be an enjoyable experience. The feeling that you are being challenged is completely normal and it can happen even when you are very experienced working with any medium.

My advice to you would be to try and embrace the challenge that is working with a new medium. Just like any new skill, you need to give yourself time to practice, make mistakes, and learn. Try to focus on your successes rather than your shortcomings.

A good place to start appreciating your progress is to focus on experimentation. You can give yourself credit for trying new things like mixing new colors, patterns, textures, and playing with color saturation or dilution (how much water you are using with your pigment). You are experiencing the process of painting, let the beauty of the colors inspire you. If you are painting from life, give yourself freedom to exaggerate colors and shapes. Have some fun! Crank up the tunes to blast out that internal critic. Use your favorite colors.

Try to avoid comparing yourself to individuals who have been painting for longer than you have. Remember that it is a skill that takes practice. When you become frustrated, remember to take a break and lay your paints to the side. It is helpful when using watercolor to let layers of paint dry so that you can achieve a greater variety of darks and textures.

Give yourself a pat on the back, and keep practicing. Painting is more about the journey than the destination.  People appreciating a work of art may think painting is about the final product. To the painter, it may be about the challenges of creating the illusion of depth, the intangibility of  light, and the joy of working with color. The process of painting is a wonderful thing to experience.