Where are you from?

Photo on 1-10-16 at 7.02 PM

I am originally from a small town called Taos, in northern New Mexico. If you are familiar with this place, you will know that it is full of artists and many other creative types. Many people ask me how and why I came to the Midwest. My answers vary, but basically many small steps eventually lead to the larger step of living in the Midwest. It was not where I thought I would be, but I didn’t really know where I would end up after all, and the Midwest has been good to me. It is quiet, and everything tends to run the way you expect it should. People are very polite and helpful.

However, it is odd that I find myself learning to play a didgeridoo. I am pretty certain that I would not be as enthusiastic about this instrument if I still lived in Taos, as there are plenty of didgeridoo players already in Taos. If you do not know what a didgeridoo is, it is a long hollow wooden instrument from Australia. You blow on it while making a raspberry with your lips, which produces a low vibrating hum of sound. My choice to be an artist, is a very Taos thing to do. Often, I find that the subject matter in my work has a mystical/spiritual southwestern theme. My enthusiasm for the didgeridoo just proves that you can take the girl out of Taos, but you can’t take Taos out of this girl.

What parts of yourself are influenced by where you come from?

Is there something in your creative life that relates to the place you were raised?

Is there somewhere you have traveled that has influenced your creative life?

How does location play a part in your creative practice?



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