Clamping Corners: The Mitre Vise

Clamping corners is something that you may find yourself doing, if you are making your own frames. When I was in grad school we had this wood shop with everything you needed to make really fantastic frames. Ever since, I have been aiming to replicate that awesome wood shop, without really having the space or finances to actually create a replica. One of the things that was helpful was a set of industrial clamps from United Manufacturing. The correct name for this clamp is actually “mitre vise.” I have recently purchased my first vise and it is great. No, I do not work for United Manufacturing, they do not pay me.
I have tried many different gizmos for clamping corners, but nothing has really clamped correctly or held the wood well. I have also recently switched from using a nail gun to hammering in finish nails after I have glued and clamped the wood. The vise holds the wood well enough that I can hammer on it, thus saving me the trouble of hooking up the compressor (which lives outside). With this new system, I can put together frames even when it is below freezing… like it is today 🙂

How have you dealt with framing issues?

Do you think art should be framed if it is displayed in a gallery setting?

What are your favorite types of frames?

Do you think gold frames are elegant or tacky?


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